Have You Made Your Summer Memories Yet?

As I'm writing this article, I am counting the days until school begins again. Didn't school just let out? I remember being so ready for summer time when my children were little. Of course, I also remember being equally ready for school to begin again; to occupy them and give us back our structure. I write this from the perspective of a parent that just graduated her youngest child. My summer school breaks with my kiddos are finished, over, in the books...

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Do You Know Your Teen's Love Language?

One of the reasons that I pursued a career as a therapist was my desire to help strengthen others' relationships. I love to work with couples and families. Although the majority of the clients I see are teens, one common thread many of the teens have is a lack of feeling loved and accepted by their family. Many times this comes as a shock to their parents because the parents truly do love and care for their teen...

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What is the "right" way to parent?

Parenting can be a controversial topic. What is the "right" way to parent? Haven't we all been quick to judge another parent at the supermarket or restaurant whose child is not behaving appropriately according to our standards? I know I have, especially before having my own children. Having your own children gives a whole new appreciation for the job of being a parent...

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